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Beautiful Dairy Farm
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Aqua Innovations is a technology and advisory/consulting company that solves and delivers solutions related to nutrient concentration on dairy farms around the world.

Aqua Innovations Nutrient Concentration System

Nutrient Concentration System Aqua Innovations 2
Aqua Innovations clean water discharge

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- Revenue stream for Dairy farmers and Developers

- Keeps farms in compliance with regulatory standards

Not only creating solutions for dewatering manure but also creating separate revenue streams for Dairy Producers, Renewable Natural Gas Digester Projects, and all things Waste Water treatment with innovative design and expert knowledge of successfully processing millions of gallons of clean water 24/7 - 365.  This is not proven in a laboratory but is currently in real-life situations that matter for our customers.  What is the difference between Aqua vs. our competition?  Simple: IT WORKS!

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